About Me

My husband and I live on a buffalo farm in the Arkansas Ozarks with our four kids and my parents (0ne farm, two homes). Multi-generational living is not with out its challenges, but we love it.

Even though I grew up on this farm, I never took much of an interest in the day to day operations, but in 2012 my husband bought me a flock of chickens. In time the children and I branched out to rabbits, goats, and pigs. What fun we had! I began to think of myself as a farmer and Charming Farming the blog was born.

As the children have grown their interest in the livestock has waned. That’s fine. It turns out I love writing more than I love farming anyway. Now in addition to being a part-time high school teacher, I am a freelance writer.

I hope you’ll take a look around the site. I’d love to hear from you!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Leslie – Thanks for the nomination. Jill and I are getting together this weekend to work on Charming Farming stuff. We will put our heads together and work on our responses to your questions. I’m not sure we can participate because we are so new that we have very very few followers. We will get back to you. Thanks again, for stopping by and for the nomination.

  2. Loved the article about the bees, I am just starting to learn about keeping them. I was able to get part of a hive from freecycle.org and my permaculture group is starting a study on bees. Look forward to see more of your life.


    1. Hi from Berryville! I’m so happy to meet you. It will be fun getting acquainted with a neighbor. My friend and blog partner Jill and I are headed to Madison County tomorrow to the Marble auction. I am going to sell a few of my hens.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of bee advice. My husband has a couple of friends who have sort of guided us along. Here’s a post I wrote for my former blog (and reblogged to Charming Farming) shortly after we got our bees. There are some links that might help you. Also, your Madison County Extension Office should be able to give you lots of good info.


      Keep us posted!

      1. I am going to attend some bee keeping classes in Fayetteville in Jan. Looking forward to it. I’m a little scared, but you never know ’til you try and I’m always willing to try something at least once.
        I’ve never been to the Marble auction but I know several people that go. Good luck and it’s nice to talk to you!

  3. Laura,

    Was checking out your site again today. I have been following you for awhile. My ministry has been expanded to health and wellness, was looking for another revenue source to fund my ministry work. It has been very successful. Would love to share with you and perhaps you or someone in your network of followers would be interested. Thanks, Peggy

  4. Dear Laura, I read your article about attachment parenting (Dear Attachment Parents: You Aren’t Ruining Your Kids) and I, as a Jewish homeschooler, identify with what you wrote, especially the part where you state that co-sleeping just sort of happened. No educational approach, no philosophy, no specific choice, it just happened (to us too). I guess we’re into attachment parenting although I haven’t given it much thought. My kids are still under the age of ten but I am able to see lots of happiness, empathy and care, not only between them but also towards others. Some acquaintances are baffled by how responsible and independent they are. Thanks, Evelyne

    1. Thank you, Evelyne. I used to homeschool my kids. It dovetails nicely with attachment parenting. Nursing babies and teaching math. Good times!

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